WER? What Does it Mean?

The BFRC scheme is the UK's system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised within the Building Regulations as a way to show the quality of the work undertaken when installing replacement windows.

Using colour coded bars, quite similar to traffic lights, also incorporating an A to E ratings guide, that is used on the majority of household items, such as washing machines, fridges and freezers.

The ratings system lets the consumer make a more informed choice on the windows that they want to purchase and have installed. With the cost on current cost of fuel being high, consumers are wanting there to be as energy efficient as they can be.

When your product is rated using the BFRC scheme, you get given a unique label. This label will display the following information:

1.The rating level (A, B, C etc...)
2.Energy rating
3.Window U value
4.The effective heat loss due to air penetration
5.Solar heat gain

This will determine how well your windows will perform helping you to conserve heat in the winter, keeping out wind, resist condensation and sound insulation.

For more information on this subject, please visit the BFRC's main website, www.BFRC.org.